Breakfast and Brunches
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Glorified Marmite Soldiers

Gone are the days of waking up on a Saturday morning and manically rushing to the nearest frying pan in order to guzzle down the greasiest weekend treat known to man, the full english breakfast. Everybody craves a leisurely mid-morning meal at the weekend, making a change from microwaved porridge or unsatisfying too-small pots of yoghurt that bring to mind diagrams of the digestive system triggered by very effective imagery in advertising.

So, having recently (reluctantly) ditched the urge to put as many bacon rashers and hash browns on a plate as humanly possible, I’ve had to explore the remainder of breakfast territory. This twist on the childhood brunch/breakfast of “eggy soldiers” contains protein from the eggs, a nice little dose of iron from the marmite, and will leave you feeling pretty good, and full until its time for a late lunch.

MARM BREAD AND EGGS  The eggs in this recipe are large and organic (anyone else from Brighton, The Archers Butcher is the place to go for meat, dairy and eggs if you’re in to ethical eating) and the bread is fresh and also from the butchers, but this is easily substituted for wholemeal, or flatbread, or english muffins – the possibilities are endless when it comes to carbs.

2 eggs
2 tsp Marmite
2 slices bread
Freshly ground black pepper
Salt to taste
Slosh of white wine vinegar (cider vinegar also works)

Poached eggs are a tricky one to get right, if you want them runny then follow the timing given here for flawless yolks every time, if you don’t want them runny then you’re weird and I’m not going to tell you how to ruin perfectly good eggs.

  1. Boil the kettle and pop your toast down at the same time (if you have a temperemental toaster like I do and it needs two pop-downs), prepare a timer for 2 minutes.
  2. Put a little salt and the vinegar in with the boiling water in a saucepan on high heat (the vinegar is not essential but someone once told me it does something good to the whites and I’m a trusting person). Once its boiling, swirl the water with a fork to get it looking whirlpool-y and crack your eggs straight in to the pan.
  3. Now QUICK turn the water down to simmer and put your timer on.
  4. You now have 2 minutes, no more no less to butter/marmite your toast, go forth and do this.
  5. As soon as that timer is up, the heat comes off. Using a slotted spoon (this is really the only way to get poached eggs out of a pan, anyone who can do it another way without getting watery bread is superhuman) carefully take the eggs out of the pan and give them a mini-shake to drain the water, then get ’em on the toast. Remember – every second they’re still in the water the yolk is solidifying, just don’t do it to yourself.
  6. If you have a pestle and mortar, grind your own pepper, it tastes amazing and is an eggs best friend.
  7. Enjoy your delicious breakfast/brunch.



If you happen to be counting calories, this meal is roughly (I’m no scientist/dietician) 272 of them. This entirely depends on how much you love butter.

Thanks for reading and I hope to update again soon!

PS  – I love music about as much as I love food, so I’ll be making it a feature to include a song to compliment each meal. The ultimate lazy weekend song for me is Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block, I strongly recommend that you make it the soundtrack to your Glorified Marmite Soldiers x


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