Metabolism Boosters Week, Sides and Salads
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Lets talk about sides (baby)

It’s nearing BBQ Season for the braver souls here in the UK, and I’m not about to tell you that chicken wings and burgers are going to boost your metabolism. So to join in the BBQ vibe yet remain in the constraints of this week’s theme, I thought I’d share an exceedingly healthy side dish that you can add to your delicious rack of ribs and know that you’re consuming something of use to your body.

Homemade coleslaw

This recipe was inspired by the most amazing take away joint ever to exist, Pizzaface. If you’re lucky enough to be a citizen of Brighton, too, you have to try this place. In a nutshell, it’s beyond restaurant quality pizza delivered right to your house. Anyway, they do this great seasonal coleslaw that’s herby and crunchy and delicious so I’ve tried to recreate it, pretty successfully I might add. Coleslaw is notoriously fattening because it contains a few artery clogging ingredients – namely full fat cream, so this recipe calls for 0% yoghurt (the brand I use is amazing and hasn’t substituted the fat for sugar but its thick and creamy I don’t know how they do it). Yoghurt is the key metabolism boosting ingredient here.

3 large carrots, grated
1 onion, sliced in to half moons
1/2 white/red cabbage, sliced
1 enormous handful of mint, chopped to within an inch of its life
1/2 large tub 0% fat yoghurt (or whatever kind you prefer)
Juice half a lemon

  1. Put ingredients in a bowl and stir them until they resemble coleslaw… that’s pretty much it.

Simple, fresh and dee-licious. You can put this with sandwiches, add it to burger buns, have it as a side for pretty much anything you could want to eat or just eat it alone in the middle of the night like Nigella in negligee, it’s totally up to you I can’t dictate the way you eat slaw.

No track recommendation today, something way better. Some old friends of mine have set up an awesome radio station, Propoganda Sounds , so if you do happen to be hosting a BBQ, just let these guys take care of the music.

Thanks for reading x


  1. toodlepip says

    Nice recipe Cate, for extra crunch in the salad toasted walnuts are good or pomegranate seeds. Barberries are a good addition for a little sweet/sour action as you’re munching.

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