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River Cottage Canteen & Deli

This weekend I was in North Devon for a wedding. If by some miraculous coincidence you happen to live in that part of the country and are on the hunt for a wedding venue, take a look at Tunnels Beaches, it’s one of the most beautiful places I ever did see.

My Mum and I are not the kind of girls to take a trip all the way along to the West Country without making some noteworthy pitstops, and luckily for us, Axminster (the home of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s famous River Cottage Canteen & Deli) is on the route home. We’d seen the place on TV (probably Countryfile) and thought it looked beautiful, unsurprisingly it more than lived up to high expectations..

It’s gorgeous, light and spacious. The service was quick and very friendly and the food indescribable in its deliciousness. Everything was organic, locally sourced and put together by some kind of culinary genius. I had a Marinated Chicken Salad that brought a whole new meaning to the word marinated, if I could get my hands on the recipe for that marinade my quality of life would improve tenfold.


So we can safely say that the ‘Canteen’ section of this establishment alone is more than worth a visit, just wait til you see how much we bought at the Deli..

You can expect some Devon produce inspired recipes in the coming weeks..

Shelves were lined with local ciders and condiments, organic chocolate and amazing cheeses. There was a considerable amount of extra weight in the car after our lunch stop, and not just because we had stuffed ourselves with nutritious and delicious platefuls of food.



If you there are any foodie heaven places you’d recommend, let me know!

Thanks for reading x



  1. Sounds like a great visit. Despite living in Devon we have yet to make it to the River Cottage canteen, which is a bit of a crime really. I feel even more inspired to go now. Thank you.

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    • Do you know I think I’ve been to Darts – my Grandparents lived on Dartmoor for a long time, up on Haytor. I’d never tried South Devon Chilli Farm things ’til by trip to Axminster though!

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