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Cheer Up Chilli Carrot Fritters

I’ve had a pretty abysmal day, I forgot my on-the-go coffee this morning among various other basic essentials for all human beings that need to be out of the door long before Jeremy Kyle starts – I even left my debit card on the kitchen table. So, for the second night in a row I was faced with making a meal from stuff that was knocking about in the back of the cupboard and the bottom of the fridge door.

Boy am I glad I couldn’t stop by Sainsbury’s on the way home, otherwise I wouldn’t have rediscovered the joy that comes with fritters. I first tried fritters as a child in a little vegetarian restaurant on the outskirts of Dartmoor, and I’ve been experimenting with them ever since, but you really can’t beat the simple carrot variety.

These saucy little minxes cheered my day up no end, do not be deterred by their fried-ness, they’re almost healthy! I swapped out my standard cooking oil for hemp oil, which is high in those essential omegas and low in saturated fat.. blah blah blah. This is far from a balanced meal but gimme a break, its been a long day and there’s got to be 1 of your 5 (or 7) a day in there somewhere.

Makes 4 fritters

2 medium sized carrots, grated
1 heaped tbsp flour
1 beaten egg
2 handfuls fresh parsley
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Pinch salt and pepper
All the chilli sauces you can find in your house

  1. Mix all your ingredients in a bowl. Other recipes call for them to be added in an order and mixed at different stages but ain’t nobody got time for that, just throw it in and mix it up.
  2. Heat your hemp oil in a large frying pan until its hot enough to make a little bit of batter sizzle. Using a tablespoon or something similar, spoon 4 equal amounts of batter in to the pan. Make sure they’re separate (obviously) and flatten them a little so that they resemble a fritter-like shape.
  3. Fry for around 5 minutes each side, but its probably a good idea to keep them turning. You’ll know they’re done when they’re golden brown and smelling great.
  4. Cover them with chilli sauce, extra hot, sweet, chilli oil, whatever makes you happy.


I complimented my cheery meal with this delicious cranberry cider that I bought from the River Cottage Deli on Sunday. My evening was topped off with the awesome news that the River Cottage Canteen & Deli in Axminster retweeted my blog post about my trip there! Go follow them @axcanteen to keep up with their latest foodie goings on.

Track recommendation is my favourite happy song ever, if you eat these fritters and listen to this song and still don’t feel better, you need to get some help.

Thanks for reading x


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