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Rosemary & Garlic Focaccia – the calm before the feast

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is, at last, upon us. As you all know, holidays bring family from far and wide which can mean only one thing – feast! I’m in charge of what gets put on the table this weekend so tonight has been a flurry of preparation and planning.

Being super busy with working out how I’m going to fit in my entire menu tomorrow, I am sorry to admit I wasn’t brave enough to attempt creating my own recipe for focaccia, bread is an easy one to screw up. Luckily, inspiredtaste have a beautifully clear recipe over on their website which I followed to a ‘t’ and it came out just as I’d hoped! I needn’t copy out their recipe word for word, so if you want to make this easy and delicious (it really is good, I couldn’t help but try a little in advance..) focaccia, head over to inspiredtaste and let them show you how.

I look forward to updating here tomorrow on my big Easter feast, watch this space!

Thanks for reading x


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