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Eton Mess Royale

When I imagine which fruit and nuts are worthy of the Royal family, I like to think that pomegranates and pistachios come top of the list. So, on the birthday of Her Royal Majesty the Queen, I’d like to share with you the most regal dessert I’ve ever put together.

The story of Eton Mess changes depending upon who you speak to, but my favourite version is that a load of young Etonians were carrying a pavlova to a Professor and dropped it on the floor, then made the best of it.

Its not essential to make the meringue yourself, but its the only way you’ll get the rose water in there and that completes this whole blue-blood vibe.

1 batch turkish delight meringues
300ml double cream, whip half of it

few handfuls pistachios
few handfuls pomegranate seeds



Just throw everything together in a bowl and make it look pretty-ish, that’s the beauty of eton mess. It’s hella messy.

Track recommendation is of course RoyalsΒ because I’m nothing if not topical.

Thanks for reading x

P.S if you haven’t seen Lizzie’s birthday portrait check it out here its so cute!

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