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Carrot and Orange Cleanse Cocktail

It’s a beautiful day here in Brighton, I’d forgotten what colour the sky was! Having had an alcohol free evening last night I was thankfully lacking a hangover this morning, although it being a bank holiday weekend I know some of you may not be so lucky. And so, whether you’re in desperate need of some hair of the dog or you’ve waited til Saturday to indulge in some alcohol, this is the perfect cocktail for you.

I bought some carrot juice at the supermarket last week, I tried it and I have to be honest, I did not love it. But there’s no bigger crime than waste and so I had to think of how to finish it up, which thankfully led me to the discovery that it tastes amazing with a few additions.. namely gin. In addition to its taste when prepared correctly, the amount of vitamin A in carrot juice is enough to cure your skin of 50 nights of binge drinking (340% of your recommended daily dose!) check out this page for further info on how great carrot juice is.


Serves 1 – easily multiplied

Juice of 1 large orange
Juice of 1 quarter of a lime
175ml carrot juice
1 measure gin
1 sprig of mint

  1. Add the gin, the orange juice, the lime juice and the carrot juice in to a glass.
  2. Throw some ice in.
  3. Add the mint and maybe a couple of slices of lime in there for show.

See? Easy, even I could do that after a heavy night. Lee Dorsey’s Give it Up is an ultimate sunshine song so that’s your track recommendation for this recipe.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Nice. Agree about carrot juice, veg just aren’t for drinking unless mixed with fruit or booze or both.

    For a South American version – may be prep for the World Cup – what about swapping gin for Cashasa (sugar cane liquor)?

    It’ll need a samba track to drink to…

      • So, I spelt it wrong, should be Cachaça and even better news, it’s only 64 calories per 1oz serving, according to some website or other.

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