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Smoked Garlic Crispy Kale

If you tried my cheesy kale recipe last week and have half a bag of the stuff left in the fridge, this is the tastiest way to use it up.

Vegetable crisps have been all the rage for a few years now, but this is something a little different. Kale doesn’t crisp up in the same way as parsnips, betroot or sweet potato because, of course, its a leaf. What happens instead is something that more closely resembles crispy seaweed, salty and indulgent – but the good kind of indulgent where you get three kinds of vitamins and a nice bit of protein.

I used Boulevard Creative Cuisine smoked garlic oil ’cause I picked it up at the foodies festival this weekend and it gives the kale an amazing flavour, but this’ll work with any old oil.

100g curly leaf kale (rinsed and dried thoroughly)
2 tsps smoked garlic oil 

1 pinch good sea salt (I use Cornish Sea Salt Co)

Heat your oven to Gas 3 (conversions here). Put your oil on a baking tray and throw the kale on there. I had to do this in a few batches, but it may be that you are a giant and so have a special XXL oven with XXL baking trays, so you might not need to. Sprinkle with salt and place on the top shelf of your oven, let it cook for 25 minutes then take it out and shake it all about.

This one’s really quick and simple, and the crisped up kale can be added to stir-fries and salads or just be eaten like crisps (which may or may not be what I’m doing right now).

This is your track recommendation because have you seen the video?! Hypnotic.

Anyway, thanks for reading x

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