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Quick and Easy Avocado Houmous

Love houmous? Skip the next sentence and be glad you’ve arrived at this recipe. Don’t like houmous? Fair enough, we’re not all chickpea people, but have you tried avocado houmous? If not, you need to.

As with pretty much everything, home made houmous tastes way better than branded stuff, and this takes less time to make than it would to stand in a queue at the  checkout to buy some – in a nutshell, this is a must try. If you’re still not convinced, it might be worth noting that chickpeas (the headline act of houmous) are ridiculously good for you, they’re a great source of protein and iron, they lower cholesterol  and due to their high fiber content they’re good for weight loss. I must have convinced you by now.

200g can chickpeas
2 tbsps tahini

juice 1 lemon
2 cloves garlic

3 tbsps good olive oil
3 tbsps water
1 tsp good sea salt
1 generous shake cumin
1 generous shake paprika
1 avocado

  1. Chop your garlic finely and cube your avocado.
  2. Put all the ingredients in to a food processor (as per usual, I just used a big sturdy bowl and my handheld blender) and whizz until smooth.
  3. Put in to a bowl and either eat immediately (it tastes great on oatcakes as pictured) or cover with clingfilm and keep refrigerated. I’d say it has 2 good days and 1 questionable but edible if you’re hungry day.


Houmous is great for dipping, use pitta bread, carrots, celery or whatever takes your fancy for a snack or starter. It also tastes good in sandwiches and salads, and works really well in a baked potato. Long story short, this will be gone quickly!

This  is your track recommendation ’cause it’s not Sunday unless Toto make an appearance.

Thanks for reading x



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