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Open Chicory Sandwiches

It’s British Sandwich Week here in the UK, and as much as I love a bacon sandwich with everything (everything being hash browns, extra bacon, maybe a couple of eggs and a litre or so of ketchup) that is not my game anymore. So, I’ve kind of skipped the bread part and overlooked the entire concept of a sandwich with this recipe. But before you call me a cheat and throw things at me, please see the definition of an open sandwich given by google:

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 20.25.48

And that’s exactly what this is, there is no top slice of bread, and the definition does not specifically specify that the bottom slice is bread. So I will call this an open sandwich and you will applaud me for my loop hole finding skills, I should work for Gary Barlow and the gang.

So, if you are also currently skipping bread for one of the many reasons people do, make these and enjoy Great British Sandwich day with the rest of ’em.

Makes enough for 1 hungry lunch or 2 light lunches

1 chicory
3 heaped tbsps avocado houmous (or ordinary boring houmous if you must)

5-10 cherry tomatoes, chopped into tiny chunks
A few cubes of feta cheese
A handful of sprouted beans

  1. Rinse off your chicory, pat it dry with some kitchen towel and separate out the leaves. Be gentle with this because they snap in the middle if you’re not and then they won’t look as good or be able to be filled with as much good stuff. Lay the leaves out on whatever you’re serving on.
  2. Mix all the other ingredients up in a bowl until it becomes a spoon-able mixture.
  3. Spoon the spoon-able mixture into your chicory leaves.

Done! These are really fresh and crunchy, and don’t come with the dose of food guilt that bacon does.

Seeing as this week is a British festivity, I’ve gone with a bit of Britpop for your track recommendation, also, sandwiches are often eaten in the park. I’m sure you know what song it is.

Thanks for reading x

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