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Twisted Mango and Lime

If the weather forecast is anything to go by, we don’t have a heatwave ahead of us any time soon. But if you want to coax the sun in to putting his (or her, let’s not be sexist, just because it’s an all powerful star doesn’t mean it’s a man) hat on, getting drunk on mangoes is the way to do it.

I spent about half an hour in the spirits aisle at the supermarket recently looking for something new to shake up the drinks cupboard. In the end, I picked up some Oddka. Never heard of it? Nor had I, but it looked pretty and upon first experimentation, tasted pretty great too. I went for Twisted Melon, it’s kind of sickly sweet, reminiscent of Hubba Bubba, but works perfectly with this ice cold cocktail.

1 tin maharajah mangoes in syrup10 minutes
juice of 1 lime
200ml coconut water
150ml twisted melon oddka



Simply put all ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth, then pour into a glass filled with ice. Easy as that.

If you’re dead set on summoning the sun, you’ll enjoy today’s track recommendation.

Thanks for reading x


  1. I would have bought that bottle too – looks intriguing. Nice cocktail for summer temperatures (40 C here)

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