The Allotment
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The Allotment: May Edition

The year is sneaking by very quickly and we’re creeping slowly but surely towards the best time of year for those of us lucky enough to have a few square metres of space to grow our own food. The Summer gluts will soon be upon us ready to be pickled or frozen to bring nibbles of joy throughout the Winter.


But, before I get ahead of myself with excitement for whats to come, I have to give due credit to one of the best things to ever emerge from the ground. Rhubarb. It’s been in season since January and by next month it will have had it’s day. If you’re just starting out and looking for something to grow, rhubarb is your new best friend, even if pretty much neglected, it’ll do just fine. Thompson & Morgan are far more knowledgable than I on these things and have some great tips.

rhubarb1 rhubarb








My favourite thing to do with rhubarb is simply to stew it. Stewed rhubarb can be added to yoghurt for breakfast, ice cream for dessert or just spooned into your mouth at intervals throughout the day. To stew rhubarb, just put it in a pan with a little water and a substantial amount of sugar and let it cook until it’s soft. I’ve never once used a set recipe, but Jamie has a pretty lively one here.

I spent a while wondering if I’ve ever done anything with rhubarb but stew it, and finally remembered that one of the best cakes I ever tasted was made with it roasted. Rhubarb & custard cake from BBC Good Food is definitely a must-bake.


purple purple1 purple2


Purple sprouting broccoli is, as you probably know, one of my most favourite vegetables. If you do anything with this badboy, stir fry him in some toasted sesame oil. In fact just add that to your bucket list, you have to do it. I’m obsessed with it, you’ll find it in my Three Chilli Salmon recipe.

What’s in season this month

All the stuff that’s been growing in the UK throughout May and in to June

  • Apricots
  • Blackcurrants
  • Carrots
  • Artichokes
  • Mint
  • Nectarines
  • New Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Pak Choi
  • Peppers
  • Radishes
  • Rhubarb
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Watercress

Do you have an allotment or vegetable garden? If you have top tips, recipes or just want to share your experiences I’d love to get you involved in next month’s feature! You’ll find my email address in my About page. Don’t do email? Not a problem, you can now find me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.

Thanks for reading x


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