6 Weeks of Vegan, Drinks and Cocktails
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Popeye Potion

Popeye, the internationally renowned cartoon sailor, had the right idea when it came to greens. Long before superfoods were even a thing, he was chugging away at can after can of iron-rich spinach to make his biceps level up Mario-style.

Despite not being a nautical hero on a never ending quest to impress a lady named Olive Oyl, I do need a good dose of iron every day – especially now. Today marks the beginning of my 6 weeks of veganism. You heard me correctly, I am doing the vegan thing.

I recently watched Vegucated on Netflix hoping to learn a little more about the wave of veganism that is sweeping the nation, and see how three New Yorkers fared without animal products for six weeks. The facts and figures that made up the argument for the vegan diet ranged from Co2 levels to scientific research into the causes of disease in the modern world and all in all they were pretty convincing. So, even if only for six weeks, I’m going for it all in.

The one thing I did notice throughout the documentary though was how often meat was being replaced by yet more processed food, despite being more ethically sound and less packed with sat fats, there’s no way “to-furkey” can be carrying that much nutrition. So I’m going in to this thing without wanting to substitute everything I eat now with a flavourless doppelgänger. I’m gonna be experimenting way more with vegetables and doing a lot of research in to how to make sure I’m still getting all the essential nutrients I need to stay healthy. So, stick with me in through the next six weeks to learn with me, I had a ball with metabolism boosters week and I’m pretty excited about this food challenge, too. Remember you can subscribe to my updates if you don’t want to miss any vegan-y facts or find me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Expert vegan advice at this point is very, very welcome – so drop me an email or say hello in the comments if you want to pass on your valuable knowledge!

I digress, on with the recipe.

2 very large fistfuls of spinach          Untitled design (6)
1/2 cucumber
2 apples
thumb size piece ginger
1/2 lemon

I use a juicer, so the instructions for me (and others with a juicer) are to chop the ingredients roughly and throw ’em in the juice chute – I’m presuming there’s a technical term for it, but it should be juice chute.

I know that a lot of people use a blender and make green smoothies, so for you guys I’m presuming (but don’t know for sure) that it’s pretty much the same deal but without a juice chute. Either way there’s no need for numbered steps here.

Track recommendation is this because it has ‘green’ in the title and it’s a stellar summer song.

Wish me luck with my vegan endeavours, coming up this week are fried tomatoes (the vegan fry-up alternative) and one of, if not the best salad I have ever made.

Thanks for reading x


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