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Happy International Picnic Day

June 18th is International Picnic Day! Shake the grass from your blankets and dust off your hampers, it’s time to eat alfresco. If you’re stumped as to where you should take your portable nibbles, check out the National Trust’s perfect picnic spots to find an idyllic patch of land to eat on near you.

For some of you, a Wednesday isn’t the best day to try and organise a picnic situation, if that’s you – keep reading! To celebrate International Picnic Day I’ll be spreading out the picnic rug in the back garden and enjoying a nice home made juice, you’ll find the recipe below. If you’re not office bound, my Broccoli, Asparagus and Mint Quiche would go down well on a windswept meadow, or box up my Carrot and Cheddar Muffins before heading down to the beach.

Carrot and Orange Zinger

4 small/medium carrots
2 oranges

thumb sized piece of ginger

As with my previous juice recipes, throw all the ingredients into your juicer after chopping roughly. I recommend pouring it in to a pretty jar filled with ice. You’re ready to back garden picnic in style.

Carrot and Orange Zinger on Cate in the Kitchen

Your track recommendation is a true picnic song courtesy of Canned Heat, for those of you that do manage to go up the country – have a great day!

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Longing to picnic at a National Trust property….. will be in UK soon…can’t wait. Your post has got me excited

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