6 Weeks of Vegan
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And so ends 6 weeks of vegan. When I launched this project I did so with a hunger to learn, and that’s something I’ve certainly done a lot of  over the past 42 days. My mind has been opened to an abundance of tips, tricks and ingredients that I hadn’t needed before therefore never sought after or discovered. I’ve come across some amazing projects and fabulous resources of information. On the whole it’s been a great experience for me. Before I talk about why I won’t be continuing with strict veganism, I want to share a couple of highlights from the journey.

12 Vegan Recipes

Working with only vegan friendly ingredients came as a bigger challenge than expected, and sometimes it did limit my creativity. But in many ways it expanded it too, below are the three recipes that I consider to be my favourites from the whole project.

Fried Tomatoes on Cate in the Kitchen

Apricot Jacks

Vegan Baking Discoveries

Baking was the first wall I hit as a temporary vegan, but it’s 2014 and the internet exists. The two star replacements I found:

Coconut Oil – It’s not perfect in everything, I’m still very reluctant to accept that I can replace butter with such a distinct flavour in all bakes. But if used alongside the right ingredients in cupcakes, flapjacks and cookies, this stuff is a godsend.

Flax eggs – Add 3 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of cold milled flaxseed and leave to set in the fridge to get the equivalent of one egg for baking. (Shaking your head in confusion? Read a little more in my vegan mango loaf cake recipe)

Vegan Products

A surprisingly small amount of my go-to supermarket snacks are vegan, so I had to cast my net a little wider. Turns out, there’s some great stuff out there, and that’s why I’m writing a vegan eBook. I’m still in the process of doing all the taste testing and researching to make vegan shopping easier for you guys, but in the mean time, sign up to make sure you don’t miss out on it once it’s published.


Why I'm not staying

It’s been fun, it’s been a learning curve and it’s been good for me to step out of my comfort zone. But I never set out to continue with veganism permanently and I still feel the same after 6 weeks. I want to be able to sprinkle parmesan on my pasta, put goat cheese on pizza, use honey from the allotment beehive, enjoy a pub roast every now and then. From here on out I won’t be considering myself a vegan, but here’s what I will be doing to make sure I’m contributing less to the terrible things that go on in the UK when it comes to animal products:

  • If I’m going to eat meat (which isn’t that often anyway) I’ll be purchasing it from my local butcher. The Archers only sell good quality meat from the “nice” farms that don’t beat pigs up before making them in to bacon. It’s a lot more expensive, but the key is to eat much less meat and know that it’s coming from a much better place. If you’ve never met your local butcher, go round and have a chat, they’re usually great guys (and/or gals) who will be more than happy to tell you where all their produce comes from. Don’t know who your local butcher is? This website will help you find them, I’ve done all the work for you, you have literally no excuse.
  • I will still be avoiding snack bars and other packaged foods that aren’t vegan, things like “egg powder” are never going to have come from a free range situation.
  • I’ll still be posting the odd vegan recipe, and making a lot more vegan choices than I was before.
  • I’ve totally switched from dairy milk to almond and oat drinks.

So, I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of my die-hard vegan friends, but I hope I’ve helped to inspire some hardcore carnivores to swap out meat for plants a couple of days a week.

If you’re thinking about going vegan, want to learn a little more about the past six weeks or just want to chat, hit me up on hello@cateinthekitchen.co.uk, I’ll be happy to fill you in.

Thanks for reading x


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  1. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on veganism and agree with a lot of your thoughts 🙂 I’m not veggie either – but rarely eat meat unless I know the source and mostly opt for seafood and veggie dishes. I actually really love almond and hazelnut milks as it means I don’t need sugar. I could never cut out dairy though as I’d find baking a nightmare! And cheese… oh delicious cheese! xx

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