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Nelson Coffee Co // My Day-Trip to Eastbourne

I’ve been on a staycation this week, not just holiday-ing in the UK but from my own house. Essentially, I’ve just had a bog standard week off work. Yesterday I set out on a good old fashioned day trip to Eastbourne to meander around a town that wasn’t my own.

My first stop was a gorgeous little cafe sat right opposite the train station called Nelson Coffee Co. They caught my eye when I was looking out for places to visit because of their lovely story which I recommend you read in full, but to cut a long story short the cafe is named after the hometown of a kindly stranger from Canada who introduced them to the best coffee they’d ever tasted.

Nelson Coffee Co Nelson Coffee Co

A latte and almond croissant is my ultimate luxury breakfast, and I’ve never had it better than it was at Nelson. Their coffee is praised widely and for good reason, I’m no connoisseur but it sure tasted perfect to me.

Coffee and pastry aside, the most outstanding component to this place is the team. My waitress (I believe her name is George) was the most friendly person I’ve ever come across in a cafe, she made sure everyone had everything they could want or need for and had just enough bubbly chat to keep everybody smiling. I know we’re not big on customer service in the UK and I love our moody culture but with an example like that, I just might be won to the argument that less misery in England would be a good thing. Give that girl an award of some kind! I also met Lucy, co-founder of Nelson and she was lovely too, they’re clearly a great bunch and I wish them all the very best – you simply must pay them a visit!

You can follow Nelson Coffee Co on Twitter here and check out their website here.

Other things to check out..

  • The pier, now slightly charred and practically still smoking when I saw it, it’s as beautiful as ever.
  • The Towner Gallery
  • Lakeland (it’s huge in Eastbourne)

Thanks for reading x


  1. I’ve also been on staycation for the past two weeks, making the most of the gorgeous weather and checking out the local area. I keep meaning to go to Eastbourne as its so close but i never quite make it. At least I know where to go for coffee and croissant and my Lakeland fix!

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