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Spicy Sriracha Fish Noodles

It’s starting to feel like Summer’s on its way out. The light isn’t lasting quite as long every evening and the temperature is slowly creeping downwards – so what better way to whack it back up than with insanely spicy suppers.

My first class foodie godparents got us this Sriracha Kaffir Lime Rub and up until this evening I’ve not known quite what to do with it. I’m usually all for making this kind of stuff yourself but let’s face it, it’s a Tuesday and I’m hungry and I’ve been at work all day. Plus, the flavours in this little tin will blow your socks off – if you can get your hands on some, do.

If you’re not a fan of spicy food (I’m talking to you Grandad) then this recipe is not for you, however if the very title of this recipe had you interested (I’m talking to you chilli geeks) then please, read on.

Serves 2
2 fillets of white fish (I used river cobbler, cheap/cheerful/sustainable)

200g fine green beans (remember to top and tail ’em)
2 noodle nests
4 tbsps sriracha rub
4 tbsps sweet chilli sauce

  1. Your fish wants about 12 minutes under the grill in total so start with that. Get a medium heat going, get your fish on that griddle and rub a tiny bit of oil on the up-facing side then coat with 1 tbsp sriracha rub each. Start grilling.
  2. Green beans want about 6 minutes and noodles usually require 3-4. Get a big pan of water boiling and cook the beans for a couple of minutes, then add the noodles.
  3. When the fish has been under that grill for about 6 minutes, slide it out, flip it over and cover the side that’s now up-facing with the remaining sriracha. Get it back under the grill for another 6 minutes.
  4. Drain the beans and noodles, serve up in two bowls and mix with the sweet chilli sauce.
  5. Once the fish is done, flake it up a bit and assemble it on top.

Spicy Sriracha Fish NoodlesYour track recommendation for this recipe is a serious classic and one of my all time Summer anthems.

Thanks for reading x

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