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Great Taste Awards 2014: Words From the Winners

As many of you will know if you’re a member of the foodie community, Great Taste Award winners were announced this month. I’m all about changing the way I shop and eat to support local businesses, so I got in touch with some of this year’s taste champions from Sussex to find out more about them and their winning delicacies. Over the next couple of months I’ll be posting about each one, but first in store is..

Ouse Valley Foods

Ouse Valley knocked it out of the park with three awards this year, one of which was a collaboration with Cheese Please (you’ll learn more about them soon!), I spoke to Julian Warrender, Founder and chief pot stirrer about what makes her company a success.

What do you think earned your Brighton Belle Plum Jam a gold star? 
Because we make it totally authentically in tiny batches, starting with stoning the plums and finishing by hand potting – attention to detail from start to finish.

Where does the name Brighton Belle come from?
The orchard we source plums from – it is a luscious dark purple variety with the perfect balance of rounded sweetness and an after twang.

Julian Warrender, Founder

So what’s a day in the life at Ouse Valley Foods?

Full of eclectic organisation, at least six products on the go, fruit, veg and other goodies being delivered, endless labels being applied, pallets being dispatched, emails bringing surprise after surprise, telephone ringing all the time with orders…….all cut through with a lively dollop of pressure with laughter in the background!

What’s next for Ouse Valley now that you’ve hit the big time with awards?
Focus on the award winners getting full recognition and make sure all our customers celebrate in the success of a winner on their shelves.

Want to learn more about Ouse Valley? Check out their website here and follow them on Twitter here.

Brighton Belle Plum Jam £3.95

Spiced Aubergine Pickle £3.95


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