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Rebel Kitchen Smoothies

You must know by now, but I’ll reiterate just in case. I’m Rebel Kitchen’s blogger of the month, so throughout August I’ve been writing about them and their awesome mylks (you can find those posts here and here). I’m also running a competition to win the whole range on Twitter here!

Smoothies are a fast foodie’s best friend, all the recipes below will take you way under five minutes (unless you count clean-up time, those blender blades are a real pain) and they’re exceedingly delicious to boot. I’ve avoided the new-fangled health fanatic ingredients for the following reasons: 1) They can be very difficult to source 2) I’m too lazy to source them. So you won’t need to google the location of your closest Whole Foods to enjoy these. Instructions are pretty basic, just take the ingredients listed, throw them into your blender and whizz until smooth.

Chai Mylk Breakfast Smoothie

150ml Rebel Kitchen Chai Mylk // 2 chopped bananas // 2 teaspoons mixed spice // 1 handful porridge oats // 1 handful pumpkin seeds

Chai Mylk Smoothie

Chai is definitely my breakfast flavour of the month, if you’re a UK dweller you’ll know it’s basically Autumn already. With new seasons come new habits, and adding warm spices to wake-me-up foods is a good way to welcome the blustery months to come. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have see my chai mylk overnight oats – I recommend you try those too! The oats and seeds in this smoothie will keep you going ’til lunch, and the chai and extra spices will keep you warm and soothe the sadness of saying farewell to Summer.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mylkshake

150ml Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk // 1 chopped banana // 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter

Chocolate Mylkshake

I strongly recommend that you use good quality peanut butter, the kind with a very short list of ingredients – otherwise the guilt free goodness of this mylkshake will be counteracted. Meridian Foods are my go-to brand for nut butters. That aside, this is a wonderful indulgence, forget about USA diner shakes filled with dairy milk and calorific ice cream, this is just as good but skips the refined sugar and unnecessary fat content. Go forth and sip.

Matcha Mylk Hangover Smoothie

150ml Rebel Kitchen Matcha Green Tea Mylk // 1 chopped banana // 1 avocado (sans stone and skin, obvs) // 4 chopped spinach leaves // quarter of a cucumber, chopped // small handful of fresh herbs (parsley or mint)

Matcha Mylk Smoothie

It’s a Sunday, you just woke up. What you want is bacon, but what you need is this. If something’s green, it’s probably good for you. If something’s greasy? Chances are it’ll kill you eventually, so try this next time you’re suffering from the consequences of enjoying your life (hangovers suck). It’s so thick that it’s best off in a bowl eaten with a spoon, the avocado makes it heavenly creamy, the cucumber gives it the much needed rehydrating qualities and the spinach will turn you into Popeye*.


Your track recommendation for smoothie-ing is a lesser known Police ditty, but one of my favourites nonetheless.

Thanks for reading x


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