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New in September

Wanna make sure you’re not missing out on some of the hottest releases in the world of food this month? I’m your girl, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and my appetite endless in order to tell you everything you need to know. September has brought chillier weather and ever so slightly shorter evenings but the newest products on the shelves carry a strong theme of luxury to make it all better – what do you guys think of my top four buys this month? Let me know!

 Emily Fruit Crisps

Emily Fruit CrispsI’m in love with everything about these new fruity crisps on the block, and you will be too by the end of this paragraph. Emily is the name of one of the co-founders, her partner (the other co-founder) Alex named the crisps after her so that he could see her name wherever he went. That’s certainly the best fruity love story I’ve ever heard. Not only are they built on a foundation of love and goodness, these crisps also taste awesome. With just two ingredients (a little oil and of course fruit) these are certainly a guilt free alternative to a packet of Walker’s – and they’re so much prettier!

You can pick up some Emily Fruit Crisps (I recommend Apple for your first try, they’re my favourite) from Selfridges and Whole Foods, check out their website for London stockists and online purchasing!

Thomas J Fudge’s

Thomas J Fudge’s have done it again, if you’ve not heard of them before then you’re missing out on Thomas J Fudge's New Producteveryone’s favourite luxury biscuit brand. This month their new Refined Sour Cream & Spring Onion Wafers are hitting the shelves, just in time for those post-dinner cheese board moments that Autumn kindly brings. OK, so they’re not 100% healthy – but it’s important to me to indulge every once in a while, and what better way to do that than with biscuits ‘n’ cheese? A quintessentially English treat made in Dorset, what could be more appropriate as the cold evenings draw in?

Warning: These are incredibly moreish.


Alassala Amlou PasteAmlou Paste from Alassala is ‘Moroccan sunshine in a jar’ – it’s won a great taste award, it’s probably an aphrodisiac and it’s won my heart over as an up market almond butter. They make this stuff with grilled almonds and organic argan oil, can you say luxury?

Buy it here.



With Diwali just around the corner (OK it’s not like right around the corner but still) what better time to Amira Ricetry your hand at cooking with luxury rice? Launching in extra Supermarkets this month (previously only available at Tesco) is this golden package of goodness.
Check out the Amira website for the perfect recipe to experiment with.




Thanks for reading x

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