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Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

Those of you who follow Cate in the Kitchen regularly will know that I was shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 under Best Food Blog. There were over 46,000 entries this year so to be invited at all after just  6 months of blogging was a sensational opportunity! I didn’t win an award this year but had a fantastic evening just soaking up the blogger-filled atmosphere. Make sure you check out the recognised bloggers in my category, The Part Time Vegan  was highly commended and The Loveliest Food was named Best Food Blog.

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

You can also get a look at what happened in Khila’s vlog (I’m featured after a few too many drinks at 5:58)

What went down

You can check out a post about the event on the Cosmo website and watch some behind the scenes footage (look out for me in the stalls!) and scroll through the #CosmoBlogAwards hashtag on Twitter to read the other bloggers posts about the night. I chose not to take my camera with me (Digital SLR, me, drinks and public transport was not a combination I was willing to experiment with) so I have little to no photographic evidence of the evening but here are some of the things that were going on:

Pinky Vodka were in charge of the bar serving surprisingly strong and equally delicious cocktails. (see white chocolate martinis in the picture above!)

I got my lashes done fake style (for the first time ever) with The London Dolls – I was pleasantly surprised!

I nabbed the last cupcake (Cosmopolitan flavour, delicious) from The Little Cats Bakery on my way out.

People you should definitely check out

I met two lovely ladies on the evening of the awards who both went on to win in their category!

Khila from Miss Budget Beauty won Best Established Beauty Blog. Make sure you take a look at her YouTube channel and beauty blog (updated daily) to keep up with all things cosmetic. (See below for photo of her with my friend Jess pre-drinking at The Thirsty Bear).

Miss Budget Beauty and Jess

I also had the pleasure of meeting Beth (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jennifer Garner) of The Career Stylist, winner of Best Careers Blog.

And finally

Thank you so, so much to all of you for nominating me, voting for me and wishing me luck in the run-up to the awards. I had an amazing experience and it’s all down to the people who read my posts, so I owe you one!

Thanks for reading x

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