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This weekend, I had the best time in the kitchen cooking up lots of spooky treats – see my recipe for Halloween Honey-Nut Biscuits if you haven’t already!

For the cupcakes in this post, I just stuck to a super simple and totally familiar recipe from the BBC. I’d had impeccably good luck with the biscuit experiment, so I’d have been a fool to try something complicated. But I wanted to share these with you to showcase some of the wicked stuff you can find on the shelves this year for Halloween.

Halloween CupcakesHalloween Cupcakes

It’s kind of a running joke in my house that I’m a slave to consumerism. I can’t help but spend on novelty decorations to mark occasions – but aren’t you glad I did? It all makes for such pretty pictures! Scroll down to find out where you can find everything pictured..

Halloween Cupcakes


Cupcake Halloween Decorations 

Chocolate Pumpkins

Plastic Spiders – Sainsbury’s in-store

Pumpkin Fairylights

Pumpkin Candle

Skeletons – Sainsbury’s in-store

What are your Halloween traditions?

Decorations you bring out year after year, favourite recipes, I want to hear them all! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. These look great. This is the first year I’ve done any Halloween baking but I’ve made a lovely cake and some pumpkin cookies.

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