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October Favourites

It’s been a long, cold, spooky October; and it’s already over! Tomorrow we’ll be welcoming November (and I’ll be starting my romantic weekend away in Bath) so I wanted to let you in on all of my favourite things this month.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

I think they brought this out for Bonfire Night and I will definitely be buying it again in time for 5th November. It’s got a gorgeously relaxing scent (jasmine and ylang ylang) and turns the bath a beautiful deep purple colour leaving you surrounded by glittery stars. The perfect way to relax on a cold, dark night!

Available in-store at Lush or online here for £3.50.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb from Lush

Shearer Orange and Cinnamon Candle

Shearer Orange and Cinnamon I’m a sucker for scented candles, but it’s too often the case that if you pay around the fiver mark (my budget for candles) you get a virtually fragrance free block of wax that burns unevenly. This is why I was delighted to discover Shearer, I picked this up from Ocado and was so, so pleasantly surprised! This candle has 40 burning hours on the clock and burns neatly right to the bottom of the tin; it’s a lovely sweet Autumnal scent with more focus on the orange than there is on the cinnamon but still a delight to burn.


Add it to your Ocado order for £4.40 here or get it direct from Shearer for £7 here.

The Book of Christmas by Jane Struthers

I’ve been getting up to all kinds of Christmas planning this month, I don’t care what you say; as soon  as the months start to end in “ember” you can totally start thinking about it.

Anyway, this book is just the best thing for easing yourself into the spirit by learning a ton of facts and history about the darkest time of the year. Did you know that as humans, we’ve been having an enormous party in December since pretty much the beginning of time? Jesus kinda hijacked the celebrations.

I really recommend you pick up this book from Amazon for £7.99


Jamie’s Comfort Food

Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food

Jamie's Comfort Food Gado Gado I didn’t really know the meaning of Food Porn until I watched Jamie’s new show. It’s even shot like a porn movie – they’ve gone all in for this series.

Click on the picture to the right to check out my favourite recipe of the series, and tune in on 4od if you missed it!




What are your favourite things this month?

Thanks for reading x

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