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The Chilli Geek Challenge

The Challenge

OK so if you follow me on social media, you’ll know that 1) The Chilli Geeks are my best friends in the whole wide web and 2) they recently sent me a box of chilli swag to get creative with. I thought it’d be more fun to inflict super-hot chilli creativity on my very brave boyfriend than to do it myself,  and when I say fun I mean hilarious.

So, starting with the coolest to the hottest, here are the 3 rounds of Jack’s Chilli Geek Challenge.

Round 1

Hot-Headz Satan’s Spawn Gummy Bears

Satan's Spawn Gummy Bears

What the Geeks said: Do not be fooled, these little buggers have a kick. Medium hot burn that builds.

What Jack says: The difference with these gummy bears compared to our old favourite Haribo is that they provide much more than a sweet treat. The heat creeps up on you but in a good way that leaves you wanting more…

Get your gummy bears for £3.99

Hot-Headz Satan's Spawn Gummy Bears

Round 2

Melliculus Popping Candy

Melliculus Popping Candy

Melliculis Popping CandyMelliculus Popping CandyWhat the Geeks say: The green one – mild, totally safe ground. Slight Scotch Bonnet burn. The black one – little bit warmer than the green one.

What Jack says: The green one – a mild hit of the tropics sizzling away in my mouth (which would have been more enjoyable had I not dropped half of it in my lap), they’d be a great treat for kids. The black one – I preferred this one because of the bigger kick. 

Grab some candy for £2.49

Melliculus Popping Candy

Round 3

Naga Nuts

Naga Nutsnaganuts1

What the Geeks say: These have an 8-12 second fuse and are pretty damn hot. Maybe try a bit of the seasoning first. 

Interruption from Cate – I forgot to tell Jack he should maybe try the seasoning first…

What Jack says: These little gems are red for a reason. A few of these and you feel fine, but the handful was one of the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted. 

Get some nuts for £1.99

Naga Nuts

And so ends Jack’s initiation in to the Chilli Geek gang.

Have you guys every tried any of these spicy treats? What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever tasted? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading x


  1. “I thought it’d be more fun to inflict super-hot chilli creativity on my very brave boyfriend than to do it myself, and when I say fun I mean hilarious” … Yup that’s one of Katie’s tactics too.

  2. ciaraattwell says

    Ha ha, this is hilarious! I really want to try those chilli gummy bears!

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