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The Ultimate Christmas Leftover Sandwich | Genesis Crafty

I was invited recently to try this new speciality bread range which is currently only available through Waitrose (so you know it’s the good stuff). I’d heard things here and there about Genesis Crafty so was pretty excited to try some of their baked goodness.

Genesis Crafty

I really like this company, I read a lovely piece about them in The Telegraph recently and discovered that they’re the boys behind M&S mince pies – if they’re good enough for Marks and Sparks at Christmas, they’re good enough for me. If you want to learn more about the 6 Irish brothers baking up an absolute storm, I recommend you check out their story here, it’s a corker.

The Sandwich

Ever since I saw the famous ‘Friends’ episode (I am of course referring to “The One With Ross’s Sandwich“) in which Ross raves about this magical leftovers sandwich that Monica makes every year, I’ve been obsessed with one of the key ingredients: gravy soaked bread. To some this sounds absolutely horrific and to others it may sound like the perfect addition to a festive sandwich, I was totally on the fence about it and desperate to give it a go. After trying it I’m still not sure how I feel about the entire concept, useful much? I dare you to make one..

Genesis Crafty Sandwich

3 slices of Genesis Crafty white batch with quinoa
leftover cooked chicken
2-3 tbsps cranberry sauce
leftover cheese (I used edam and stilton, great melting combo)
bit of stuffing
a good glug of gravy

It would almost be silly to give you step by step instructions with which to make a sandwich, so I’ll not insult you. But here are a few tips:
– I recommend toasting the top and bottom slices of your sandwich
– Smother the bottom slice with cranberry sauce and melt the cheese onto it under the grill
– Soak the middle slice of bread in the gravy in a shallow bowl, don’t leave it in there too long or it will literally disintegrate
– Eat warm if possible and wear a bib

The bread

Quite light and airy for bread and therefore quick to break apart under certain circumstances (try and avoid yanking it out of the toaster too quickly or buttering it too aggressively) but for me this was its only drawback. The taste is great, I particularly love the pumpkin loaf for this time of year and the tomato and herb has a great flavour.

Overall I’d say these are worth a try for those who like to mix things up in the sandwich department every now and then, if you pick some up I’d love to hear what you think! Tweet me or post a message to my Facebook wall.

Thanks for reading x

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