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Step into Christmas with me |Baking Reindeer Cookies

Hello festive friends! Today I want to share with you the best cookie invention you’ll see today (maybe even this week, maybe even this year). These piñata cookie cutters from Lakeland caught my eye a while back; reindeers filled with sweeties, what more could you ask of a Christmas cookie?!

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

You can pick them up for £4.99 online or in-store.

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

When it’s not Christmas time, these cutters would be perfect for donkey cookies!

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

Use pretzels to create reindeer antlers and magic beans or other cake decorations for the surprise in the centre.

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

Shop bought fondant is a must, ain’t nobody got time for homemade.

Oh, also..

Emma Bridgewater Snowstorm Christmas Hare

You all need this plate in your life. It’s my favourite from Emma Bridgewater’s Snowstorm collection and I just had to buy it for my Mum who has an intense fondness for hares. Isn’t it lovely! Pick it up here for £19.95 – if they get more stock in, that is..

Have you done anything festive today? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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