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Step into Christmas with me | Cider and Snowmen

Hello and Merry Christmas! Couple of milestones reached today, the first chocolate selection box has officially been cracked open and we’re well on our way to the second. And I’ve just finished baking our dessert for Christmas Day to pop into the freezer (chocolate orange and hazelnut tart from James Ramsden, cookbook review coming shortly with recipe included!). Without further ado, here’s today’s festivity fix..

Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Awesome new find. Last year, I carried out something of a pub crawl stretched over the weeks of Christmas sampling all the mulled cider this town had to offer. I don’t remember where it was now (this was pre-blog, I have 0% documentation of the journey) but my favourite hands down was a joint that had some Rekorderlig bubbling away at the bar. I figured it was just a standard flavour with a couple of spices in so imagine my surprise when I see a special winter situation on the shelves in Sainsbury’s at 3 for £5. I’ve heard good amazing things about the Heston mulled cider, but you wouldn’t get back much change from a tenner for just one bottle and I just can’t justify that with my bank account this late in December. Anyway, this stuff is good.

Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Melting Snowman Biscuits

Melting Snowman Biscuits

These are nothing new, they’ve been knocking around on Pinterest since November, but I’ve been desperate to give them a go! The how-to here is pretty self-explanatory but if you wanna learn more about making these yourself go ahead and google “melting snowman biscuits” you won’t be short of results, they’re the thing of the moment.

In other news..

Christmas Toilet Roll

I bought Christmas toilet roll. TMI? Maybe..

What’s your favourite hot Christmas drink? Cider or wine? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading x

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