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Step into Christmas with me | Festive menus in Brighton

We are now practically hours away from actual real-life Christmas day, it feels as though it’s come along so quickly! Over the past few days I’ve tried out a couple of the Christmas menus at Brighton restaurants so I thought it only right to tell you all what I thought. I’ll keep this post relatively brief because I wasn’t really blown away by either one – I suppose nothing comes close to Mum’s roasties!


3 courses for £19.95

Strada Christmas Menu

Mozzarella Tricolore

Strada Christmas Menu


Strada Christmas Menu

Raspberry Pannacotta

This was the office Christmas meal and we’d pre-booked and pre-ordered, so having the starter arrive after 40 minutes of being seated was a bit of a setback. The food was nice but I’m not sure I’d be happy to recommend it to anybody, it all felt quite basic and not really worth the enormous wait between each course. I should note that the staff were polite about the slow service and gave us a bottle of wine on the house.

Coast 2 Coast

3 courses for £24.95 – we just had 2, can’t remember how much it was!

Coast 2 Coast Christmas Menu

Snowman Cocktail

Coast 2 Coast Christmas Menu

Goat Cheese Bruschetta Bites

Coast 2 Coast Christmas Menu

Maple Bacon Burger

Coast 2 Coast was a much better experience than Strada, this one was a Christmas meal with girlfriends. The restaurant caught my eye because of the snowman cocktail pictured above, it’s definitely the most festive drink I’ve seen this season and I’d say it lived up to my expectations (lots of cream). The bruschetta was good and the burger was actually really great – it’s probably an acquired taste though, it was very very sweet. Maple syrup and bacon is a big flavour combo for me and does feel Christmassy so I give it a thumbs up. I usually prefer my sweet potato fries with a little more crunch but that’s all I’d change about this dish.

Initially I’d ordered the turkey dinner, but unfortunately there was a mishap in the kitchen involving someone dropping all of the ingredients to make it and there was nothing left. Our waiter was really apologetic and after seeing the burger land on the table I didn’t mind one bit. Service overall was great, really friendly and everything came out in a decent amount of time.

The only qualm I have with Coast 2 Coast is having spent about £15 on booze (split a cocktail pitcher and bought the snowman) I was a little bit disappointed to still be sober as a judge by the end of the meal. I can’t imagine that there was more than 1 or 2 measures of alcohol at the most in those cocktail pitchers (I know when I’ve had a drink) and they were £13.75 each.

Have you had an amazing Christmas dinner out this season? Are they really hard to come by? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. I have not tried eating out during the Christmas season yet. But I have discovered a simple Christmassy drink at Winter Wonderland in London. I was lucky I went there on a Monday afternoon, so I avoided the big crowds. I had an Applenog, which was simply hot apple juice, cinnamon and amaretto. It was delicious! Of course because it was Winter Wonderland, it was extremely overpriced – £5 a glass! But I don’t regret it, I will now make this drink for myself and family over the holidays.

    • Oh I’ve heard such fabulous things about Winter Wonderland. Thanks for the tip on Applenog, I happen to have apple juice and amaretto in the cupboard so I’ll have to give it a try! Have a lovely Christmas Charlotte and a very Happy New Year xxx

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