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Vegan Dinner Recipes for Veganuary

I had some technical difficulties this weekend so unfortunately didn’t manage to snap pictures of brand new recipes. There’s plenty of vegan inspiration coming your way over the next few weeks but for now here are my two most favourite vegan dinner recipes from the short history of Cate in the Kitchen, hope you enjoy ’em! Do leave links to your favourite vegan dinners in the comments.

Rainbow Marinade Salad

Piccante Courgetti


  1. Nice! I like the 2 that you’ve posted so far πŸ™‚ andddd because you asked :p I’ve got tonnnnnes of vegan recipes on my blog πŸ˜‰ but I also love deliciously Ella’s recipes!

  2. Karen Antoni says

    I really enjoy reading your recipes. I would love to be able to learn to do things like you. Do you run any classes or demonstrations. Well done great inspired food

    • Hi Karen, I’m so glad you enjoy my recipes! Food blogging is just my hobby and there are far more qualified foodies out there doing amazing classes and demos, I hope you find one. If there’s anything you want to learn or see written about, do send suggestions in to xx

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