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Review | Brighton (MeatLiquor Takeaway!)

The information I’m about to bestow upon you is the best news I had received in 2015 so far:

You can now get food delivered from restaurants like MeatLiquor and the Curry Leaf Cafe.

I’ll give you a moment to celebrate..

Perhaps I’m being extremely naive and there are plenty of services that cart Meat Liquor meals to your door but this is the first I’d heard.

What’s the deal? is a website that allows you to order food from local restaurants that don’t usually do takeaway, charging a small delivery fee for their trouble.

First impressions

The only experience I’d had in the past with a service like this was with Dinner2Go (please avoid judging me, hangover McDonald’s are a thing of the past, I promise) so I was apprehensive when I received an email about However, on the first brief inspection those apprehensions melted away pretty quickly. The website isn’t perfect but it’s easy to use and more than fit for purpose. The selection of restaurants is (at the moment) relatively small, some may see that as a potential drawback but with the quality of those restaurants in mind it’s not a problem for me. They’re new on the scene and everyone starts somewhere – in’s case they’ve started somewhere good.

On the night

I came home from work absolutely frazzled but beyond excited about my impending Meat Liquor delivery, so I jumped straight onto the laptop to order. I did nearly cry when there was a bit of a hiccup with my login details but called the customer service line and they had me sorted within 5 minutes. That’s an insanely quick turnaround for customer support in my experience so I was a very happy bunny in that regard. It was quick and easy to order the food and after I had I was taken to a ‘tracker’ (not dissimilar to Domino’s – don’t look confused, we all order Domino’s sometimes) to watch my dinner as it went from restaurant to car to house.

It arrived exactly 30 minutes after my order was taken. 

Meatliquor Takeaway from

Please don’t hate me, I know this is a terrible quality picture but it was dark and the lighting in my house is abominable – it’s purely to demonstrate that the burger was still intact.

And the food?

Bloody delicious. Still warm, all in its proper place and true to all the wonderful things I’d heard about Meat Liquor. I got the Dead Hippie burger that I kept hearing so much about, believe the hype.

It’s top marks from me for!

Have you tried How do you think it compares to other restaurant delivery services? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: My meal with was on the house so that I could try the service but I was under no obligation to review it, I just wanted to bring you guys the good news! Opinions are, as always, 100% honest.

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