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My Breakfast Recipes for #NationalBreakfastWeek

Hey you guys!

So a little birdie tells me it’s National Breakfast Week! The little birdie told me kinda late, so late that I didn’t have time to write a new recipe especially for the occasion. But all is not lost, this is as good an opportunity as ever to look back on fun breakfast recipes of the past and remind myself why we should all solemnly swear we’ll never skip breakfast again.

Why breakfast is the best

  • Parents having been telling their children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day since we all lived in caves (probably), and we all know that Mum always knows best.
  • It sets your metabolism off to a wicked start aiding weight loss and stuff.
  • It’s crazy good for your brain, especially if you get some good fats in there.

Some of my favourite breakfast recipes

Hemp, Honey and Almond Granola

Making your own granola is straight up cute and fun. There are tons of recipes out there but if this one floats your boat, give it a try!


Fried Red Tomatoes

Less conventional but a must try breakfast, seriously you’ll be surprised at how more-ish these little red devils can be.

Fried Red Tomatoes

Breakfast Smoothies

Again, there are at least one million smoothie recipes available through a quick Google search but these are a little special. You might remember way back when I was blogger of the month for Rebel Kitchen, I came up with a few recipes especially for their mylk flavours – they’re lush.

Rebel Kitchen Smoothies

The Christmas Omelette

OK so this one is overtly seasonal, but I dare you to try it anyway. Live a little.

The Christmas Omelette

Stalk me

If you’ve forgiven me for forgetting all about breakfast week until the last minute, why not come follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a gesture of reconciliation? See ya there!

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