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January Favourites

January has been just insufferable, it always is for those of us who adore Christmas more than any other time of the year. It’s cold but it’s not festive anymore, bank accounts have nothing to say but “insufficient funds” and (very often) the entire month goes by without one cheery moment. I say insufferable, but evidently I’ve just about managed to suffer through it. So, without further ado, here are the things that have helped to make that possible…

The White Company ‘Winter’ Candle

the white company winter candle

As I’ve already made painfully clear, I’ve had some serious “letting go” issues where Christmas is concerned; as I’m writing this, it’s January 31st and I’m still completely not over it. This candle was actually a Christmas present from me to my Mum, and luckily for me she’s been burning it in the living room every now and then for us both to enjoy. It’s like a transition scent, not too festive but with all the comfort of an English winter – if you’re also suffering from withdrawal symptoms I would highly recommend it. Pick up the one I bought here for £20.

Sharpham Park Mushroom Risotto

Sharpham Park Risotto

Finally, a vegan ready meal I can cope with eating. It would be greatly improved with lashings of cheese but this ready-to-go-risotto made me very happy all by itself one evening this Veganuary.

Garlic and Fresh Parsley

Garlic and Parsley

My favourite flavour combo this month. I’ve been chopping them up real fine and adding them to salads, dressings, stir-fries, you name it. The parsley comes thick and fast from my Mum’s allotment which is a complete and utter godsend. Does anyone else find herb-chopping really therapeutic?

Rosie’s Instagram Feed

Rosie Posie Puddings and Pies Brighton

Rosie is another Brighton blogger, make sure you check out her website here – I highly recommend it if you’re fond of laughing, a lot (because she’s a hoot, not because it’s bad..). Anyway, her Instagram feed has had me living carnivorously through her while I’ve been on my vegan diet all month, she just seems to be eating amazing things 24/7! A lady that knows how to live.

Great Big Plates of Veg

Veganuary Cate in the KitchenVeganuary Cate in the Kitchen
Veganuary Cate in the KitchenVeganuary Cate in the Kitchen

OK so from the above favourites of the month you may have gotten the impression that I didn’t totally love Veganuary this year and I won’t lie, it’s been a struggle. The most depressing month of the year on a restrictive diet? No picnic. But, I’ve totally loved eating mounds and mounds of vegetables, there really is nothing better for the human body.

What were your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading and congrats on surviving the worst month of the year.


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