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Valentines Day Ideas for Foodies

As I write this, I’m on the last three hour leg of my journey to Cornwall with my boyfriend, we’re at the very beginning of a week’s holiday in one of the most romantic places in the country, St.Ives. So I thought this would have to be the moment to write my Valentines post, here at the window seat overlooking Teignmouth beach, beautiful red sands and choppy seas aplenty. Anyway, enough west country gloating, here’s some cute ideas for V-day..

Game of Thrones Tarts

Game of Thrones Jam Tarts

So you know how in Game of Thrones the dothraki call their S/O either “moon of my life” or “my sun and stars” and it’s so romantic but doesn’t make you feel physically sick? Here’s a baked version of that. All you need is..

  • a couple of sun/moon/star mini pastry cutters plus a regular circular one for stamping out tart bases
  • a basic shortcrust pastry
  • jam of your choice (I used blueberry from Bonne Maman)

Roll out pastry nice and thin, cut into rounds and lay those in a greased muffin or tart tin, fill with jam (not right to the top or you’ll take them out of the oven all boiled over and gross, about a teaspoon will do) top with little pastry suns, stars and moons and bake at Gas 5/6 for about 20 minutes. Present to your other half proudly and devour over a cup of tea.

Queen of Hearts

Whittards Queen of Hearts RangeWhittards Queen of Hearts Range


How cute are these as Valentines gifts for the Queen of your heart? The illustrations used on the packaging are the ones originally in the book, so if your lady loves the classics then you’re welcome, I have found her the perfect present. Both are from Whittards, the mug is £10 and the (delicious and so darling, they’re heart shaped!) are just £5. Click on the pictures to go check out the store.

“Open When” Recipe Cards

A lot of sweethearts these days are exchanging “open when” love letters on V-day. A stack of envelopes titled “open when you’re sad” or “open when you can’t sleep” (mine would be more along the lines of “open when I’ve been a total bitch because you dared to speak to me before I’d had a coffee”). I’ve never seen inside one of these notes but I presume they contain various affirmations of how much the author loves the recipient, which is great but of no real use to anyone. I think you should take that idea and make it all about food. Instead of gushing about how much you love your bae’s eyes in an “open when you feel like shit” card, give them a killer recipe for brownies. Genius, right? Again, you’re welcome.

Stamp Lovehearts in Everything

Use a cookie cutter to make love-toast, use a special silicone gadget to make a love-fried egg, the possibilities are endless. Here are a couple of the aforementioned products to get you started.

Loveheart Cookie Cutter Loveheart Fried Egg

And finally..

It’s a classic, the Valentines chocolate. If you want to go down that route, get my cover girl here involved:

Lindt Valentines Day

Lindt have knocked it out of the park with this loveheart-shaped tin of their classic (for a reason) truffles. Look at the gorgeous little ‘diamonds’ encrusted in the shiny red lid! I love. Look out for this in your local supermarkets and sweetshops, I spotted some on offer in Sainsbury’s!

What are your plans for Valentines Day this year?

Hanging out with the girls? Burning stuff? Getting married? Who knows, I want to hear all about them! Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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Thanks for reading x


  1. I love the Lakeland Heart Cookie Cutters. I made a Valentines cake earlier this week and only have one heart cookie cutter and was really wishing I had them in different sizes!

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