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Banana Bread TIPS + an update..

Happy FRIDAY!!

Quick update

In a second I’m gonna give you a couple of killer banana bread tips but first I wanted to apologise for the staggering lack of recipes recently (I’ve been hoping you hadn’t noticed so I might be shooting myself in the foot here)..

My laptop is almost completely dead and I can’t afford to get it fixed until the beginning of March so I’ve been struggling to get my pictures loaded up and posts written etc etc. It’s inexplicably frustrating.

I’ll still be blogging until my laptop is all back up and running but you might not see so many recipes or photography-heavy posts unless I manage a quick fix of my own (unlikely) I hope you’ll all forgive me 🙂

On with those tips..


No matter what recipe you’re using, adding almond butter always makes it better, it’s a serious combo.

Spread banana bread with Nutella. Try it once and you’ll never go back.

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