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REVIEW // Marley Spoon, recipe delivery service

Marley Spoon Review Cate in the KitchenIt’s a Wednesday, I’ve just finished work, I’m feeling both hungry and unimaginative in equal parts and I don’t have anything in the cupboard. Thankfully, today is the day I try Marley Spoon. I lug my big box of ingredients for two nights worth of meals home (note to self for future: if I were to try this again, I would have the ingredients sent straight to my house instead of the office, that was one big box and I travel on one busy bus) and set about unpacking them.

My Mum hangs around for this bit and if you were to pop into the kitchen you would think we were visiting a new born baby. We were “aww”ing and “ooh”ing and “oh my god that’s so cute/clever”ing left, right and centre. This is because every ingredient is carefully (dare I say lovingly?) packaged, mostly in brown paper, with a handwritten label. On the website, their ingredients are described as always organic when possible and sourced from within the UK unless there’s a good reason not to, which sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I was very happy with the quality of all the ingredients, those that weren’t vegetables were recognised good quality brands and the potatoes still covered in a comforting amount of soil.

Marley Spoon Review Cate in the KitchenNow on to the recipe cards. I went for two fish dishes that had sounded very appealing on the website and easy enough to cook at home after a long day at work. Full disclosure at this point, both recipes were absolutely (I mean really, seriously) delicious, but I’m not sure I’d recommend them to the novice cook looking for a super-simple 15 minute meal. However, for the practised person-in-charge-of-dinner who’s happy to wait longer than 20 minutes to get their meal on the table they’re ideal.

Pictured is glazed salmon with bok choi and wasabi potatoes (a combination I will absolutely be recreating in the very near future, taste and texture was spot on) but their menu changes every week. The cost per meal is £9, which to me does feel steep if I’ve had to cook something myself. But when taking into account the cost of ingredients and the lack of imagination or general brain time used it’s pretty reasonable depending on your budget.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend that you try Marley Spoon for size, their engagement with customers is spot on (I received a card from them a couple of weeks after trying the service which I think is a nice touch) and you can really tell that the recipes have been developed by top chefs. If you want to learn more about Marley Spoon and give them a try yourself make sure you check out their website.

Have you tried Marley Spoon or another recipe delivery service? How did you find it? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always.

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Marley Spoon provided me with a voucher code so my meals were complimentary, but my opinions of the service are (as always) 100% authentic.


  1. It sounds very similar to the two companies I’ve tried – Gousto and Hello Fresh. The quality of the ingredients from both companies was excellent and the meals were good but they did take quite a bit of time to prepare! I hadn’t heard of Marley Spoon before but I’d love to try it to compare.

    • Yeah it’s interesting that they all take a while, market spoon is the only service I’ve tried but I really was impressed with the quality of food and recipes!!

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