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February Favourites

1 // I’ve had a major dairy-free stint in February for various health reasons which has allowed me to rediscover St Helen’s Farm goat products. Seriously you have to give this goats yoghurt a try, it’s lovely and creamy and it’s won a great taste award and is made here in Britain. I recommend swirling with Bonne Maman blueberry conserve, combo made in heaven. I’ve also been loving St Helen’s Farm goats butter, both of these products can be found in most supermarkets for just over £2.

Lemon Drizzle Cake2 // Loaf cake has been a real crutch for me this month, I’ve made one on a Saturday or Sunday and it’s done us nicely until Wednesday (if we’re lucky) wrapped in foil to brighten the day at work. I loved the lemon drizzle pictured which I made this past weekend (swapping out dairy products for goat versions for a super-tasty result), it was adapted from a BBC Good Food recipe which I can’t seem to find! Banana bread was another February hit. Let me know your favourite loaf cakes in the comments, I can’t wait to make some more in March!

Soft Boiled Eggs // Cate in the Kitchen3 // Putting soft boiled eggs on top of pretty much everything I eat was probably my favourite thing to do this month. To get the perfect soft boil, boil for 6 minutes, pour out boiling water and plunge in cold water then peel ASAP. So so good.

Lily Flame Blush Candle4 // I’ve been on a big “made in the UK” hype this month and these gorgeous candles are made in Somerset and all smell amazing. For February I picked up ‘Blush’ because I’m trying to get into really feminine scents, it’s so good! It’s not quite floral but I would definitely say it’s sweet, and Twitter blew up with loads of other people loving on it when I mentioned the purchase so it’s certainly popular.

You can pick this up online for £8.50 which is a legit bargain for 30 hours of beautiful burning time.


And so ends a short but sweet update from me on everything I loved in February. What were your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments!

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