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Mothers Day 2015 DIY Hamper Ideas

Mother’s Day is really cool, I think its origins are sweet and the way it’s celebrated in the modern day is even sweeter. Kids coming from up and down the country to give their Mum a kiss on the cheek, Dads writing cards from their infants to new Mums, I just think the whole thing is straight up cute.

So in order to help you celebrate cuteness with your cute Mum, I’ve put together three (wait for it) cute hamper ideas especially for Mother’s Day.

Pampered in Pink (and purple)

Just under £60

OK, let’s just dive right in with the most expensive selection first. This combination of gifts is all about luxury, Selfridges and Emma Bridgewater? I’ve never met a Mum who wouldn’t be in heaven unwrapping this lot.

Selfridges Mother's Day Selfridges Mother's DayEmma Bridgewater Mother's DayLush Mother's Day

1: Selfridges 27-piece chocolate collection £24.99 // 2: Selfridges British Rose + Elderflower Tea (buy similar online here for £6.99) // 3: Emma Bridgewater 1/2 pint mug £19.95 // 4: LUSH Yummy Mummy shower gel £4.75

Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Just under £18

Afternoon tea is kind of a must on Mother’s Day, am I right? Personally, I’d probably make my own scones from a foolproof Leith’s recipe but the Sainsbury’s ones below are pretty decent quality. Mango and Bergamot tea instead of English Breakfast? Yes! Do it! The big twist on this treat is a raspberry and cardamom preserve, it brings such an interesting taste to the table.

Whittards Mothers DayDuchy Originals SconesClotted Cream

Radnor Preserves

1: Whittard Mango & Bergamot Green Tea Tin £10 // 2: Waitrose Duchy Originals Scones £1.39 // 3: Waitrose Rhodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream £1.98 // 4: Radnor Preserves £4.49 a jar

Sweet Treats

Just under £32

I would cross oceans for something from Hotel Chocolat, seriously though, salted caramel and pecan chocolate spread, the things I would do with that. I’ve put some rose and violet creams in the mix because my lovely Nan is always talking about them but we can never seem to find any.

Biscuiteers Mother's DayHotel Chocolat Mothers Day

Lakeland Rose and Violet Creams        Joe & Seph's Popcorn

1: Biscuiteers Mother’s Day biscuit card £11.50 (comes in a beautiful box) // Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel & Pecan Chocolate Spread £6 // 3: Lakeland Rose and Violet Creams £9.99 // 4: Joe & Seph’s Double Salted Caramel Popcorn £4

Can’t be bothered to buy lots of little bits and put them together yourself? I’ve got just the solution..

The Wild Woman Gift Box


Yeah you read the name correctly, pretty badass amiright? Give your dear old Mum a big basket of wellness this year! Get it here.

Wild Women's Giftbox - inSpiral

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

Let me know in the comments, and share your Mum’s favourite recipes with me!

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  1. Love these ideas – they all seem the epitome of luxury! I’m in France right now but my mum is coming to visit in a couple of weeks…was thinking of creating a spread of Bordeaux-based treats (foie gras, red wine, fancy cheese) to celebrate her birthday as well as Mother’s Day!

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