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Review | Salmagundi

To many outside the world of Honestly Healthy, Hemsley & Hemsley and Deliciously Ella, the word salad still conjures imagery of wilted green leaves and flavourless tomatoes in a miserable canteen. Sally Butcher is stopping at nothing to get that bleak reputation out of people’s heads and get exciting salads happening in their kitchens. 

Now, being a complete salad-lover already, I can’t vouch for the success of this book to convert the non-believers. But I’d gladly hand it to one of my salad-fearing friends with the full expectation that it would change the way they think about what they put on their plate.

Salmagundi Book Review | Cate in the Kitchen

The recipes in this book are so exciting. I can’t wait to try some of the heavier more wintry ones before the sun puts his hat back on for Summer 2015. I’m also particularly keen on the gado gado, pictured above.

Salmagundi Book Review | Cate in the Kitchen

The book itself, aside from the recipes, makes for a wonderful read. I learned more than I usually expect to from a recipe book like this, particularly around history – and I can’t get enough of food history, I find it fascinating!

As with all recipe books I review, the photography is stunning. Courtesy of Yuki Sugiura who you can check out here.

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You’ll find Salmagundi on Amazon for £17 (hardcover).

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