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The Perfect Porridge | Peach & Pistachio

Last week I introduced you guys to the #PerfectPorridge campaign with a lovely coconut and pineapple combo, which went down swimmingly with everybody except for my Grandmother, who for some reason thought it was an appalling idea.

This week, I’ve decided I’m heavy into alliteration (peach, pistachio and porridge, in case that wasn’t clear) for another subtly sweet and relatively cheap breakfast bowl. You might be able to tell from a few of my recipes lately (cherry bakewell fairycakes for example) that I’m suddenly using canned fruit a lot more. This is because budget-wise it’s way friendlier than the fresh stuff, and from everything I’ve read there’s no harm in it – correct me if I’m wrong!

Don’t forget to send me a tweet or tag me onย Instagram if you make either of my #PerfectPorridge recipes, or if you come up with a #PerfectPorridge of your own!

1 cup Flahavan’s Irish organic jumbo oats
1 cup soya/almond milk (you can of course use dairy)
1 and a half cups water
1 can peach slices
1 big handful chopped pistachios

  1. Pour the oats, milk and water into a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil. Then simmer for 5 minutes, making sure you’re stirring very frequently.
  2. While the porridge bubbles away, drain the peach slices and chop most of them into little bitesize chunks – reserving a few for making the top look pretty.
  3. When the porridge is thick and creamy, stir through the peach chunks to allow them to warm gently, then plate up.
  4. Scatter over the pistachios and remaining peach slices.

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Peach and Pistachio Porridge | Cate in the Kitchen


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