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Review | Merry Down Cider

I am feeling the Spring/Summer vibes so hard this month, I would guess that has something to do with the uncharacteristically hot weather we’re having in the South East right now. We’re coming towards the end of April, but there have been a couple days this week that had me convinced it must be mid-July.

So, the invitation to try Merry Down Cider could not have come at a better time. After a long day of work, me and my Mum both set up camp in the back garden to give it a whirl, here’s what we thought..

Merry Down Cider Review

First impressions were good. That clinking sound that glass bottles make is just so much more glorious in the sun, isn’t it? I love the label action on them too, I’m a sucker for gold detail and anything that says ‘Sussex’ being a local produce junkie. Not entirely sure whether it’s still made here but it was invented in East Sussex and even that does it for me – you can read more about their heritage on their website.

Merry Down Cider Review

Taste-wise I was impressed. I stuck with the blackcurrant cider ’cause I’m not into actual proper cider as much as my Mum is. You know how a lot of the popular cider brands at the moment (Rekorderlig, Brothers, Bulmers etc) taste extremely sweet to the point of essentially just being grown-up juice? I didn’t find that with Merry Down at all. It tasted like it was a proper cider with a sophisticated addition of blackcurrant, as opposed to fizzy Ribena with a low alcohol content.

Merry Down Cider Review

Not only did it taste authentic, it was also actually really bloody nice. It was the perfect accompaniment to our evening in the sun and I would absolutely recommend that you drop the brand you normally reach for at the moment and try this one for size.

Merry Down Cider Review

So where can you get a hold of it? There’s a full list of stockists on their website but the standard medium cider is available in Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons and the blackcurrant cider can be found in Tesco.

What do you make of Merry Down Cider? Do you love or loathe the cute gold detail? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This looks delicious! I’m not a big fan of regular cider either but the blackcurrant one sounds really nice. I agree a lot of the fruity ones can be much too sweet, so I’ll have to look out for these 🙂

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