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Let’s talk about eggs, baby!

If you’re not completely new to this blog, you’ll be more than aware of my undying love for eggs. I think “putting eggs on things” was even featured in a recent monthly favourites post, I just adore those yolky badasses.

So, when British Lion Eggs invited me to get chatty about eggs all up on Cate in the Kitchen, I was into it. My aim today is to make sure everybody fully gets it out of their heads that eggs are unhealthy, a treat food, or something to be avoided – cause they’re just so not.

There was some misguided advice stemming from scientific studies and recommendations of yester-year bandied around with regards to cholesterol, which for some people is still a little hazy. If you want the full and proper low down, you can check out the British Lion Eggs info source on cholesterol in eggs.

For real though, I will usually eat at least one if not two eggs per day, and if I don’t get my egg-spected daily dose I get withdrawal.  They’re super nutritious, full of protein and a foodie’s best friend for their sheer versatility. Genevieve Taylor even wrote a whole cookbook just about eggs.

How do I like them? If we’re soft boiling, 6 minutes. If we’re frying, I’ll take them fried on both sides. Scrambled? Little bit of parsley in there please, and if we’re baking I’d like some avocado, feta and tomato action in that ramekin. What I’m trying to get across here of course is that eggs are everything, and they can be incorporated into so. many. healthy. meals.

So just have at it with the eggs, but make sure that you always, always, always buy free range and organic.

How do you like your eggs? Let me know in the comments!

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