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April Favourites

I love writing favourites posts, it’s such an awesome positive thing to be able to do, to share all of the things that have been making me happy in one month. Blogging is the best. I should also take the time here to be oh so typical and say: I cannot believe we’re already almost in the 5th month of the year, I mean seriously, quick much 2015? Anyway, before I start getting philosophical about the passing of time, let’s get into it… 

Garlic salt

garlic salt

I could only ever have started with this. I picked up this little pot of salt when I was in the lovely St.Ives, Cornwall back in February, but it’s only started creeping into my food this month. I now use it on and in almost everything, so does my Mum. It’s particularly delicious scattered over avocado toast and accompanies paprika perfectly. It’s available to buy online and I strongly recommend that you do. NB – don’t add to veggies or anything else before roasting, as the garlic in the salt has already been roasted, this way burned-ness lies. 


This month I was worked with the lovely ladies at lavolio on a blog post (10 dinner party essentials, check it out now!) and they very kindly sent me a sample of their luxury sweeties for grown-ups to try for myself. In short, I loved them. They look sort of like little chocolates but they’re not, they’re a glorious selection of proper confectionery. If you’re visiting or hosting a dinner party any time soon, I really must insist that you give these a whirl.

lavolio     lavolio

Tesco White Linen candle

Tesco white linen candle reviewFinally I have found a candle that’s in a jar, has a subtle and neutral as opposed to synthetic or unpleasant scent, for well under a fiver. Bonus points: it’s from the most convenient place there is – the supermarket. Is that luck or is that luck? I bought this tentatively at the beginning of the month but had a surprising amount of people reassure me of its quality on Instagram and adored the scent. It burned beautifully right down the bottom of the jar, I have already re-purchased! It’s such a bargain, you can pick it up in the homeware section of Tesco for just £2, less than a pint, lovely.


honegar reviewYou guys, this stuff is genius. It was sent to me as part of an introduction to a food brand I hadn’t heard of before, and it is just so god damn handy. The deal is: half honey, half cider vinegar, that’s it. It is a godsend for making salad dressings really quickly. I seriously recommend this if you’re one of those people who are always on the lookout for lifehacks or a way to just speed everything up all the time. You can pick it up online at Holland & Barrett.

Yoga with Adriene

OK, you might remember that part of my Autumn bucket list last freaking year was to start making yoga practise a part of my regular routine. It flopped, I just couldn’t stick at the home practise from a book and didn’t seek out a better way because I was being lazy. BUT, this month I found my new hero, Adriene. I’m currently following her 30 Days of Yoga – which is from back in January but can be picked up any time – on YouTube and I can’t recommend her videos enough. She’s so kind and gentle and makes you feel like you’re a part of the yoga gang even though you’re a hopeless beginner. I just love her. New best friend. If you do one thing today, subscribe to her YouTube channel.


First off, just look how cute:

corkers crisps     corkers crisps

I love love love the very British branding thing going on here! Corkers have got your standard range of flavours (salt and vinegar, my one true love, and cheese and onion etc) but they’ve also thrown a couple of curveballs in there. I for one had never tried duck and hoisin or sausage and mustard flavour crisps before, so kudos to them for being a little bit different. You’ve got to take a risk or two to stand out against Walkers really! If you want to learn more about Corkers crisps take a butch at their website and make sure you’re following them on Twitter!

Right, that’s all my favourite things this month I think, if I’ve forgotten anything I’m sure I’ll have raved about it on social media at some point so make sure you check in with me there, have a wonderful May!

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  1. I love this! It reminds me of my loving lately posts and I couldn’t agree more that its just so fun and positive to write about things you love! Great post Cate 🙂 those corkers chips look prettyyyy good.

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