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Foodies Festival Brighton 2015

What a lovely Bank Holiday it’s been! My little sister turned 18 on Friday – the cake I baked to celebrate is quite possibly my best work yet, blog post to follow – and on Saturday I strolled down to the Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns.

Strolled is perhaps too casual a word to describe the journey from my house to the festival, for the wind was so strong and the waves so dramatic that I might replace it with “battled” or “fought my way along the seafront, cowering inside the hood of my raincoat”. As you can see from the picture of the Pimm’s tent, I picked the worst day weather-wise to get down there.

Pimms tent Brighton Foodies Festival

Being British, of course, we didn’t let that get in the way of eating and drinking in the open air – although we didn’t stay as long as we might have done if it were as gloriously sunny as last year.

This year, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of VIP tickets, which entitled my friend and me to a free glass of champagne in the exclusive VIP tent (I know, very exciting) so this is where we began!

Foodies Festival VIP tickets tent

The VIP tent is kitted out like a Pinterest-perfect bohemian wedding, very pretty – and we certainly enjoyed our complimentary glass of bubbly! Mostly, we were grateful for the warmth provided by the enclosed space, so it was here that we unpacked our goodie bags – also a perk of VIP-ness.

Once we’d downed the last sip of champagne it was time to brave that breeze again, so off we went in search of our first feast..

We happened upon the Co-op tent first. It’s hard to miss, being the most enormous stall there, and has a pretty cool concept. You get half a pizza and a glass of prosecco for £4 – a bargain by anybody’s standards – and the proceeds go to charity, pretty great right? My pizza was miles better than I was expecting, I think it was just called “three cheese”.

Pizza and prosecco Co-op foodies festival

After a quick circuit I decided I had to try “duck fat chips”, they sounded pretty special. Unfortunately, I was ever so slightly disappointed in that they weren’t. £3 for a small pot of nice enough but essentially unremarkable chips..

The actual duck that was coming out of this stall looked to-die-for though!

Duck Fat Chips foodies festival

Duck fat chips foodies festival

My friend had more luck than I in his post-pizza choice, getting a delicious chicken ciabatta from this stall:

Foodies Festival Brighton

chicken ciabatta

Surprisingly, that’s all we had room for! I took a few snaps of the other sights around the festival so you could get a feel for it though. I should note here that I wasn’t brave enough to take my actual proper camera, it was far too windy and rainy, so all the pictures were taken with my iPhone 5s.

Foodies Festival Brighton

Foodies Festival Brighton

Foodies Festival Brighton

Foodies Festival Brighton

Foodies Festival Brighton

If you like what you see and want to give the Foodies Festival a whirl yourself, you can find out if they’re coming to a place near you on their website.

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  1. kirstywats says

    Such a shame about the weather but sounds like a great day nevertheless! I’m heading to the Edinburgh version in August and am very much looking forward to it (even more so now that I know of this incredible pizza + prosecco deal!)

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