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Review | Tyrrell’s Poshcorn

Popcorn is doing its very best to overtake crisps as the nations favourite office snack. It’s certainly easier on the calorie count, but do Tyrrell’s do popcorn as well as they do crisps?

I was recently invited to try the new flavours added to Tyrrell’s Poshcorn range, which surprisingly (as a hardcore popcorn fan) I hadn’t actually heard of before.

Tyrrell's Salted Poshcorn Review Cate in the Kitchen

Besides the exotic new flavours in their range (which we’re coming to, very shortly, promise) they have what I would say is the standard requirement when it comes to popcorn: salted and sweet and salt.

Sweet and Salty Tyrrell's Poshcorn Review Cate in the Kitchen

Both are good. I can’t recommend salted popcorn – whichever brand you go for – enough if you’re trying to curb a sugar habit. It’s a way to have a light snack that feels like a treat without feeding the sugar demon! The Tyrrell’s sweet & salty was nice (I may or may not have devoured it whilst hungover and binge-watching Harry Potter) but it doesn’t quite beat Propercorn for me. I only say this because Propercorn absolutely nail the strong hit of sweet & salty and the Tyrrell’s taste is ever so slightly weaker for me.

That’s OK though, because Tyrrell’s have got something a little more interesting up their sleeves..

Lemon Cupcake Poshcorn Review

Have you ever heard of lemon cupcake flavour popcorn? Well, I hadn’t, and this stuff is good with a capital g. I actually wasn’t expecting to like it at all, I usually find citrus flavours in products like this to be a little gross and artificial, but I didn’t find that here at all. Top marks, Tyrrell’s.

Tyrrell's Poshcorn Coconut and Caramel Review Cate in the Kitchen

Again with a combo I hadn’t tried before. Propercorn do a coconut and vanilla flavour (told you I was schooled in this stuff) which I’m not a huge fan of so again, I didn’t have great expectations of this. It definitely proved me wrong, if you’re into coconut and/or caramel you will dig this snack.

Overall, I think this is a pretty cool range. I’ll stick to other brands for my sweet & salty fix but will definitely be repurchasing that lemon cupcake flavour, hot damn. I also think their branding is cute, and I love the women bitching each other out at the top of each packet. It’s like a greetings card I’d buy for my best pal.

Tyrrell's Poshcorn Review Cate in the Kitchen

Do you have a favourite popcorn flavour? Have you tried Poshcorn before? Let me know in the comments! You can find Tyrrell’s on Twitter, and Tyrrell’s Poshcorn on Instagram.

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