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Jersey Royal Potato and Roasted Sweet Pepper Salad

Presentation-wise, this recipe is unlikely to be a winner. Pull this out at a picnic, though, and you’ll fast be receiving marriage proposals and/or bestie requests. People will be all like “this is the best potato salad I’ve ever tasted” and “what? There isn’t even any mayo in it so it’s basically the healthiest thing ever? That’s amazing”.

They’ll all love it. So will you.

I stopped using mayonnaise in potato salads a few years back – going back to essentially being a child here – when someone let me in on the fact that a shitload of mayo is actually kind of a heart attack in a jar. Delicious in moderation, obviously, but I don’t do moderation when it comes to potato salad, I like it saucy.

So I started using greek yoghurt, and it massively works. Obviously, it’s a very different taste and texture, but yoghurt is much plainer than mayo, so it’s easier to manipulate the flavour – in my opinion that is.

A note on jersey royals

They’re awesome. They’re so, so perfect for potato salads and all kindsa other summery dishes. If you cook with jersey royals at home, share a pic of your creations with the hashtag #jerseyroyals OR share it on the jersey royal Facebook page!

Anyway, give it a go and see what you think. But I’d put money on you – and everyone you love – totally diggin’ it.

Serves 4

150g sweet peppers
900g baby jersey royals
170g plain yoghurt
1 heaped tbsp honey
1 very heaped tsp mustard – literally any kind is fine (honestly) but I used dijon 
good pinch of both salt and pepper – I’m loving garlic salt at the moment so I used that but it’s not essential, just strongly recommend that you buy some!
100g feta

  1. Heat your oven to Gas 6/400F/200C, deseed your sweet peppers and cut roughly into 4 slices.
  2. Pop them onto a baking tray or into a roasting dish and drizzle the peppers with a bit (let’s say a tablespoon) of olive oil and sprinkle with a good pinch of salt. Get them into the oven and set a timer for 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, make sure your potatoes are ready to go as soon as you need them, i.e not covered in mud. Put them into a big saucepan with a little salt and cover with water. Pop it top of your oven and forget about it for 15 minutes.
  4. In between baking the peppers and getting heat under the potatoes is a good time to get the dressing on the go. In no particular order, mix the yoghurt, honey, salt, pepper, mustard and feta together in the biggest salad bowl you own.
  5. When you’ve got 15 minutes to go on your timer, get a high heat under your saucepan of potatoes. This is 5 minutes for the water to boil and then 10 minutes cooking time – don’t take my word for it though, always taste before taking the heat off!
  6. When the potatoes are done, drain them and chuck them straight in to your big bowl of dressing. Then slice up those lovely roasted peppers and put them in too – along with the amazing delicious flavoured oil that will have been created in that pan.
  7. Enjoy.

YUM, right? I had this straight and warm for lunch with my Mum on Friday, then covered the leftovers with cling film in the fridge overnight and ate it cold with wings on Saturday. It rocked my world both ways – but I feel like it tasted even better cold.

Have you got a potato salad secret? What’s your go-to sub for mayo? Share all of your thoughts with me in the comments!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Even after a huge lunch I’m now craving a small spud fix. Two things to try:

    1. Swap the garlic salt for anchovies (the fresh ones, preferably), roast with garlic and the peppers. They’ll almost melt into the salad. Go easy though they’re very strong.

    2. Gherkins. Chopped into v small chunks. Add a touch of sour to the sweet of the honey.

    • Yuum gherkins would be lush. I’m still an 8 year old when it comes to anchovies, should probably test the water with those again..

      • Know what you mean about anchovies. What changed my mind was the slightly posh, fresh anchovies that are slightly pickled. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s usually have them. If you roast them with the peppers they pretty much melt away giving a salty flavour without the fishiness. Work great with peppers and tomatoes.

  2. Delicious salad, Cate. I don’t use mayo either – it spoils things somewhat. Also, jersey royals are totally the best.

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