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May Favourites

Can we talk about how quickly this month has gone? I know I do this at the beginning of every single favourites post and you’re probably sick sick sick of hearing me say it but really. Christmas (yeah, I said the C word) was almost half an entire year ago now. Gah.

This month has been as fantastic as it has been fleeting, and I’ve got some particularly awesome things to bring to your attention that I discovered or fell in love with during May, so let’s get into it.

The Natural Food Kitchen, May Favourites | Cate in the Kitchen

Starting with the thing most fresh in my mind, I spent a little while this month reading and cooking from The Natural Food Kitchen by Jordan Bourke. I wrote a full review of the book earlier this month, but if you can’t be arsed to read it, just know that I liked it.

It had me chopping five whole onions and crying more than I did when Sirius Black died – that may be a huge exaggeration – and my Nan switching up the way she’s made rhubarb crumble since I can remember.

Thomas J Fudge's Cate in the Kitchen           Thomas J Fudge's Cate in the Kitchen

This month will now be remembered as the start of my love affair with Thomas J Fudge’s. I fell head over heels for their florentines (a full review of those is coming in June so keep your eyes peeled) and just adore their savoury bits.

The poppy and sesame biscuits were gorgeous with some cambazola and quince membrillo over one of those long weekends we had (they’re like savoury shortbread), and I found their flaky cheese straws to be most satisfactory with a strong cup of tea.

Asparagus           Asparagus

If there’s one thing that unites the foodies of the UK in May, it’s asparagus. The glorious green vegetable with a heartbreakingly short season.

It was only this year that I learned (thanks Countryfile) just how much work goes into harvesting these spears, so here’s to all those farmers that help get it onto the table. I’ve steamed it, roasted it, and even shaved it for the first time this week. Can’t get enough.

Chicken Wings

We’re finally starting to get towards the long, lazy afternoons with enough sunshine and stillness to warrant eating outside. I started as I meant to go on this month with some finger lickin’ chicken wings (this recipe from BBC Good Food never lets me down and wings are super-reasonably priced at my local butcher) and an awesome jersey royal potato salad.

Lidl Espresso Machine Cate in the Kitchen

Lidl Espresso Machine Cate in the Kitchen

A good cappuccino made from the comfort of my own home? I’m sold, thanks Lidl.

This week I’ve been test driving the Silvercrest Espresso Machine and I’m pretty impressed with the results. Full disclosure: I probably wouldn’t set this badboy up just for a standard cup of joe, but the cappuccino is freaking delightful.

If you want to get your hands on this snazzy little machine, head down to Lidl stores. It’s been on sale since yesterday and they reckon they’ll only have it in stock for a few days so make it sharpish. It’s available for £49.99 in red (the only colour worth having in my opinion, did I already say snazzy?), cream or black.

Palm print phone case Cate in the Kitchen

OK this isn’t even a little bit food related but I adore my new phone case. It’s doing literally nothing to protect my iPhone but it’s made it (and me) 100% cooler by default, right?

Picked it up on Etsy for £10.99 which I feel is pretty steep for something so unprotective but it’s cute so whatever.

Well I think that’s just about everything this month, I hope you all enjoyed this post and be sure to tell me all about the things you’ve been into throughout May in the comments!

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