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Review | Thomas J Fudge’s Florentines

After having tried a fair few products from the Thomas J Fudge’s range (I’m obsessed with their cheese straws) I feel confident in recommending them as a high quality and reliable brand for your all your posh biscuit-y needs.

Of course, I always prefer to make my own everything – this I say all the time – but in the real world there isn’t always a spare afternoon to bake up a batch of florentines.

Thomas J Fudge's Review | Cate in the Kitchen

Now, in truth, this is the first time I’ve tried a florentine.

Being not entirely sure what their taste and texture should be, I took to google to verify their on point-ness. I was delighted to find an article on the perfect florentines by Felicity Cloake, her column always goes into a wonderfully granular detail.

Thomas J Fudge's Florentines Review | Cate in the Kitchen

From this, I got the impression that florentines are notoriously difficult to bake at home, so I said a quiet “phew” to myself that my first experience of them was with Thomas J Fudge’s.

It was also made clear that these are just as proper florentines should be. Chewy, nutty, a little sticky and topped gracefully with a good helping of chocolate. So top marks there.

Thomas J Fudge's Florentines Review | Cate in the Kitchen

Thomas J Fudge's Florentines | Cate in the Kitchen

As with all Thomas J treats, their packaging acts as a serving plate in itself, always very pretty and a lovely way to present your coffee time goodies.

You know what I’m like though, I have to make a big fuss over presentation for showing off on Instagram so I laid them out on one of my Nan’s posh serving plates.

Thomas J Fudge's Florentines Review | Cate in the Kitchen

I brought these out at coffee time one morning to the utter delight of my family. My favourite were the dark chocolate, white chocolate is a little sweet for me and I prefer the touch of ginger to the slight tang of citrus in the white.

They went down just perfectly with a cup of proper coffee, my Grandad had to be reigned in so as not to eat them all..

Thomas J Fudge's Florentines Review | Cate in the Kitchen

The florentines retail at around the £3 mark in most supermarkets, well worth it for what it is if you ask me.

You can keep up with the antics of the Thomas J team on Twitter and Instagram.

Have you tried Thomas J florentines, or anything else in their range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Florentine’s are such a b*tch to make, I always end up breaking them! These look delicious, may have to buy some in for next time the mother in law is in town 🙂

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