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Hot sauce: is there such a thing as too much? | CITK Bites

Oh hey and welcome to another one of my super quick-n-short blog posts in my brand new and exciting series CITK Bites! If you missed the last one get on it here and keep an eye out on the blog (some) Thursdays.

This week, I wanna get chatty about hot sauce. Ever since I met my blog BFFs The Chilli Geeks last year, I’ve been getting more and more into my chilli products (thanks you guys!).

I’m now at a place where I always have at least one bottle of hot sauce on the go at any given time. And, perhaps weirdly, I consume the majority of my daily dose at breakfast. Hot sauce and eggs is a big yes for me.

So what I want to know is..

Do you guys like hot sauce? Do you hate it? Is there such a thing of too much of it? What’s your favourite kind?Β 

Tell me all of these things in the comments section!


This weeks topic was inspired by a new subscription box I tried recently called Lick My Dip. Aside from the slightly-awkward-to-say-out-loud-near-parents name, this box set my world on fire and you should totally check it out. Β£12.49 for all of the badass stuff you see below delivered to your door for free. You’ll always get one bottle of hot sauce (great for novelty seekers like me) or multiple sample sizes and some cute chilli sundries. Very very cool.

Lick my Dip Review | CITK Bites

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