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Fellow bagel lovers, I have good news if you, like me, are suddenly paying more attention to your waistline now that the sun is making a half-arsed attempt to shine.

New York Bakery Co have just released bagel thins. They’re under 130 calories and they achieve this by being a smaller portion size as opposed to doing loads of weird processing stuff, so I’m very on board with it.

They sent me over a few so that I could have a go at coming up with some fun recipes to top them with. Here’s what happened:

Grilled tomatoes + smoked mackerel + melted goat cheese + orange and mango dressing

Bagel Thins | Cate in the Kitchen

This is a serious back-of-the-fridge deal, but it tasted amazing. I’m getting so into my mackerel at the moment after being enticed by a recent blog post from Nick over at Frugal Feeding.

The orange and mango dressing is worth having on your radar, it came to me courtesy of Stokes and tastes a lot like sunshine. Ooh and also, the mackerel and goat cheese combo is very very nice with copious amounts of hot sauce.

homemade runner bean chutney + ham + mature cheddar (melted, duh)

Bagel thins review | Cate in the Kitchen

Dude. Chutney and cheese were so made for each other. This stuff is the bomb too, my Mum made it last year using runner beans she grew herself on her allotment. Very cool.

kale + garlic mushrooms + hummus +sweet chilli sauce


I had some mushrooms and kale leftover from making Frugal Feeding‘s cobbler so thought I’d put them to good use here. It was extremely difficult to eat this with my hands but I soldiered on..

marmite and houmous

Marmite and houmous

You guys (should) already know how much I love this combo cause it was the topic of my first ever CITK Bites, it’s safe to say that it tastes just as good on this bagel as it does everywhere else.

Peanut butter, banana and cinnamon

This is easily the best thing vegans on Instagram have ever given me, if it wasn’t for them and their so-healthy-it-makes-me-guilty posts I may never have come across this combo of dreams.

That’s what I came up with, but the possibilities are (obviously) endless. Share your creations on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #BagelADay!

You can check out New York Bakery Co on Twitter and find bagel thins at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado for about £1.60.

Happy carb-ing x


  1. Houmous and marmite?! What witchcraft is this? I’d have never thought of that before but I have a feeling I’m going to love it, do you just use plain houmous or do you add anything to it? The bagel thins sound brilliant too, although I’d probably use the lower calories as justification to eat more bagels, which is probably not the idea…

    • Hey Hannah! Yeah, that combo is the BALLS (in a good way) as far as I’m concerned. Just plain houmous and a thin layer of marmite underneath. Belissimo. Thanks for reading!

  2. My lunch time salad is dull in comparison. Love the look of the goats cheese and mackerel one! I tried their mini bagels the other day, but definitely intrigued to try bagel thins now!

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