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Jack Monroe’s Bean Burgers

If you’re not sure who Jack Monroe is, you’re missing a trick.

If I had to list my top 10 female role models/heroes/total babes, she would be way, way up there. So it’s a surprise to me that this is the first time I’ve actually made one of her recipes, but the result was so delicious that I just had to shout about it more loudly than on Twitter or Instagram – enter, this blog post.

You can find the original recipe for the burgers here.

Jack is particularly talented in conjuring up completely affordable recipes that are perfectly healthy, and there’s no better proof of that than these delicious, delicious, delicious burgers.

Jack Monroe's Bean Burgers | Cate in the Kitchen

The recipe calls for red kidney beans, which I (unfortunately) hate with a fiery and seething passion. I replaced them with cannellini beans (my fav, in case you ever want to buy me a legume hamper of some kind) which made the burgers a little creamier than they were probably intended – no complaints here.

I devoured them last night for dinner with grilled cheese tomatoes (a new favourite side dish for me, just slice some tomatoes, add salt and pepper, grate cheese over the top then grill – does wonders for rubbish supermarket tomatoes) and had one again for lunch today with a gorgeous soft boiled egg.

I can’t recommend this recipe enough, and it costs like a fifth of a quid so really, what have you got to lose?

Jack Monroe's Bean Burgers | Cate in the Kitchen

Make sure you stalk the lovely Jack on Twitter and Instagram, I know I do.

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